It’s about making sure every part of the body is comfortable and free to move

The basic idea of osteopathy is that the way things work mechanically in the body affects how they function. As we go through life, we pick up bad habits and hold onto unnecessary tension from the way we react to things that happen to us. This can restrict motion, which has a profound influence on the body’s ability to function optimally. This is where an osteopath can help.

Osteopaths use their hands to help the body to realign itself

Osteopaths are experts at finding any tensions and mis-alignments that might compromise our health and wellbeing. They are highly skilled at addressing these mechanical problems so that our bodies can get on with everything they need to do to look after themselves.

The aim of treatment is simply to get your body working as well as it can

Osteopathic treatment is about restoring balance and harmony to the body so that the patient can find their way back to that natural sense of ease we all possessed in childhood. It is about looking beyond the current problem to see how the body came to this point and how it can return to a more integrated and healthy way of functioning.