What to expect

When you come to see me, I will ask you some simple questions about your problem and your health in general to try to understand what’s going on. I will look at how your body works mechanically to see how this may be contributing and use my hands to gently support your body to resolve the problem. Most treatment is very gentle and it can be quite relaxing.

Whatever the problem may be, your health comes first

Osteopaths are highly skilled primary healthcare professionals subject to statutory regulation and a strict code of practice. They are trained to recognise clinical emergencies and refer patients on for investigation or treatment when necessary.

“Ben is undoubtedly a skillful and knowledgeable osteopath. But for me, what sets him apart is his absolute devotion to my well-being. Ben has become an invaluable part of my support team!”

Rob Sykes

Ben’s commitment to you

As a proud member of the Institute of Osteopathy, I am committed to the highest standards of practice, as outlined in the iO Patient Charter. Here’s what you can expect:

1. I will provide treatment and care that reflects your needs. This includes explaining your diagnosis and the proposed treatment, as well as how to manage your condition and help prevent reoccurrence.

2. I will treat you with dignity and courtesy, respecting your beliefs and values without discrimination.

3. I will explain the treatment options open to you, agree a course of action with you and obtain your consent before starting treatment. You may also withdraw your consent to treatment at any time.

4. I will explain to you the cost of each consultation and treatment, including how many future treatments you may need.

5. I will ensure that my advice, care or treatment is safe and appropriate to your needs. If necessary, including involving or referring you to other healthcare professionals such as your GP, a consultant or others.

6. I will ensure a safe and comfortable environment for your treatment. This will include ensuring that all premises and equipment used are clean, suitable and properly used.

7. My practice will only employ suitably qualified and appropriate staff to ensure that you receive a high-quality experience, advice and care.

8. I and my staff will be able to provide details of the practice complaints procedure on request. Any complaint will be properly investigated and appropriate action taken.

9. I will ensure your personal details and health records will be kept strictly confidential. This information will not be disclosed without your written consent unless I am required to do so by law.

10. I will be honest and open with you should anything go wrong while I am caring for you.